Running from the Past

Kindle Press, 2015

After selling his company for millions, Colby Walker takes his family—and his son’s friend Jess—on vacation, wanting nothing more than to unwind in the sun and surf. But he spots the alarming signs in short order:Jess’s downcast eyes, a familiar passivity, and angry red welts marching across the boy’s bare back. Walker understands what they mean because he’d been that boy, many years ago.

He’d suffered in silence, too.

Can Walker stand by and let the torment continue? Does he trust the authorities—the same ones who had failed him in his youth—to take care of Jess?

Hell no.

With Jess in tow, Walker packs up the minivan and takes his family on the lam, keeping one step ahead of Jess’s cruel father and unhinged ex-con aunt. When the stakes escalate and his headstrong actions put people’s lives in jeopardy, Walker must finally conquer his past before he can save those he loves.


“This is a fast paced book with interesting family dynamics. While reading this, I found myself wondering what I would do in a similar situation. And that’s the highest compliment.”
—Amazon Review (5 stars)
“Orloff’s story brings home the truth of human behavior and challenges the reader to wonder which force is stronger, nature or nurture. In other words, are we products of our childhood, or can we overcome a bad start to life? I read the book in one sitting and was pleasantly surprised by the twist at the end.”
—Muddy Rose Reviews
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